11 July 2010

Huevos rancheros

Weekend brunches in Texas and throughout the American Southwest are a special treat when huevos rancheros (literally ranch-style or country-style eggs), a delectable breakfast treat from South of the border, are involved. Traditionally in Mexico, this dish was served to farm workers during almuerzo, the large mid-morning breakfast served on rural farms. The basic version consists of warmed or lightly fried corn tortillas topped with fried or scrambled eggs and a tomato-chili sauce. Many people add refried beans (frijoles refritos), fried potatoes, avocado and other goodies.

The huevos rancheros that I prepared for brunch this weekend were actually closer to huevos divorciados (divorced eggs), which incorporate both red and green sauces. As always, preparing Mexican food here in France requires some adaption and innovation. I used corn tortillas bought on my last trip to the States (corn tortillas are available here at Monoprix and other large supermarkets, but they are not very good), spread on refried beans made from red/kidney beans rather than the traditional pintos or black beans, topped with eggs scrambled with onions and cilantro and smothered with two homemade salsas - one red (canned tomatoes, red onion, green chilies, loads of cilantro, lime juice, cumin, salt and a touch of sugar) and one green (green chili paste from the Indian store, lime juice, cilantro, salt). Topped with a little crème fraîche (instead of sour cream which is not available in France), canned jalapenos (bought in the U.S.) and garnished with avocado and voila!

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