29 August 2010

Blue Pepper

Oh.my.God. That's all I can say. We are spending Luis's birthday weekend in Amsterdam, one of our favorite cities, and last night we decided to have dinner at Blue Pepper, a much acclaimed Indonesian restaurant here. It was seriously to die for!!! Executive Chef Sonja Pereira's cooking is off the chain! Luis and our other friend both opted for the incredible 'Sultan and I' menu, with delicious dish after dish coming out one after the other. I had the vegetarian menu which was out of this world as well, particularly the superb pumpkin soup. Add to this a dimly-lit and lovely blue interior, a wonderful South African Riesling and an adorable server who seemed to speak every language under the sun...need I say more? Make sure that you reserve a table at Blue Pepper during your next trip to the 'Dam!

Blue Pepper
Nassaukade 366 (very close to the Leidesplein)
1054 AB Amsterdam

Tel: +31 (0)20 4897039
Open 6pm-10pm, closed on Tuesdays

1 comment:

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