05 June 2011

Migas - my favorite weekend breakfast!

Weekends are for many things. Sleeping in, going out, taking care of household chores and laundry, seeing family and friends. Two days are seemingly never enough for all of this...and actually I propose that we start a worldwide movement in favor of three-day weekends, every weekend! I know that this might be unlikely, but I do know that for me, weekends are also a time for leisurely and scrumptious breakfasts and brunches, the kinds that are just not possible during the hectic work week. One of my favorite weekend breakfasts has always been migas, a Mexican or rather Tex-Mex dish consisting of eggs scrambled with chopped up corn tortillas. It's a staple in Texas where I grew up, but one that is delicious, super easy and certain to please anyone!

The Spanish word migas actually means crumbs, referring to torn-up bread. In both Spain and Portugal, there is a different dish called migas which consists of day-old bread sauteed with plenty of garlic and olive oil and sometimes meat drippings and which is served for breakfast or even as a first course. The Tex-Mex version replaces the bread with corn tortillas and adds eggs, tomato, onion, jalapeno and coriander.  

Migas are often served with melted cheese as well, though I usually omit it as a nod to my cheese-hating husband. The scrambled mixture is great tucked into some soft, warm corn tortillas along with a side of refried beans and/or sliced avocado, though it's delicious on its own as well. Good corn tortillas being hard to find in France, we usually enjoy our migas alongside a baguette and some freshly made pico de gallo. If you're feeling in the mood, pour yourself an ice-cold Mexican beer, mimosa or Bloody Mary on the side. Delectable weekend bliss!

Serves 4

1 tablespoon olive oil
1/4 red onion, chopped
6 eggs (feel free to use a combination of whole eggs and egg whites if you're watching your cholesterol)
2 tablespoons low-fat milk
Salt, to taste
2 large corn tortillas or 4 small corn tortillas, cut into strips or squares
1 tomato, seeded and chopped
2-3 tablespoons chopped picked jalapenos (or 1/2 fresh jalapeno or other chili of your choice)
2-3 tablespoons fresh coriander, chopped

1. Heat the oil in a large pan over medium heat. When it is warm, stir in the onions and saute until translucent.

2. In the meanwhile, crack the eggs into a large bowl. Gradually pour in the milk and stir continously. Add salt to taste.

3. Add the corn tortilla strips/squares, tomato, jalapenos and coriander. Stir well.

4. Add the egg mixture to the pan and scramble to your liking over low-medium heat. Remove from heat and serve immediately.


  1. I love migas, too, but I usually fry the tortillas until they're crispy before adding the eggs - makes for a nice texture contrast.

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  3. I'm totally on board for a 3-day weekend! And I'm totally on board for these migas! I would love this dish with some green tomatillo sauce and a mimosa!

  4. I have long entertained the notion that weekends are relaxing but somehow they end up busier than the week!

    I moved to Seattle from Austin a couple of years ago and I still miss my migas! I'm glad to have a recipe to try at home!!

  5. Migas is new to me and I'm looking to try this out! This is perfect for house guests this upcoming weekend!

  6. I grew up in Oklahoma and lived for years in Texas and I've never heard of Migas! Clearly, I wasn't doing my foodie homework :) This looks very good, great for a lazy Sunday. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is truly a perfect breakfast for weekends .. I too always make something similar type and take long long time to finish it :)

  8. Crumbs, this looks GOOD! I've never heard of migas and realise how much I must be missing. Wow - would eat this for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner. And of course, 3 days in a row over your new 3-day weekend. LOVE it!

  9. Nice recipe! We love migas too. I used to make it often but I haven't made it lately. I know you like ordering migas at IHOP restaurant.- Mom

  10. The migas look wonderful! I live in Texas and have always loved migas. When I became vegan, I missed migas so much that I created a vegan version with tofu instead of eggs. The photo is making me want to make migas tonight for dinner.

  11. I love these. I see his as part of a leisurely mostly liquid brunch mimosas sound good but I'd go for a spicy bloody mary.