30 December 2014

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the night…

In keeping with the Portuguese/French tradition, we had our Christmas dinner the night before, on Christmas Eve. Despite recent challenges, we decided to host a dinner party chez nous, for which (as is often the case at our parties) the invitation list kept getting longer and longer. 6, 8, 10…16 at the end of the day! Some of our classic holiday dishes were on the menu, including my spinach & artichoke dip (aka crack!) and macaroni & cheese (this time, I used the Pioneer Woman’s recipe) and Luis’s bacalhau com natas (codfish and potato casserole in cream sauce) and Azorean Christmas fruitcake, while friends and family contributed some of their own specialties.

The night before the party, we decorated. I’ve been on a bit of a DIY/crafty kick recently (thank you, Pinterest!), so we made Mason jar candleholders, decorating them with sparkly glitter glue. We also filled empty vases with blingy Christmas ornaments, decked tea light candles with Washi tape and covered pine cones with snow spray and scattered them across the buffet table. I’m getting to be one of those people that enjoys the decorating and table setting aspects of a party almost as much as the cooking and eating (almost being the key word!)…

It was a low-key but lovely party, if I do say so myself. Prosecco and good wine flowed. Conversation was enjoyed. Cards Against Humanity was played. A great time was had by all! And after the party ended, we opened our presents, while our little man did so the next day (he goes to bed around 7:30pm so missed out on the party). Santa was generous, bringing him lots of wooden goodies from Plan Toys. Not surprisingly, his favorite seemed to be a set of pots and pans and stirring spoons. That's my boy! 

Perhaps we should let him cook next year's Christmas Eve dinner? 


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